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Job Detail


Laboratory Supervisor - Chemist - Drilling Fluids

Industry Type Petroleum / Oil & Gas
Functional Area Quality / Testing
Location of Job Benghazi / Tripoli – Libya
Other Benefits Basic Salary + Supplementary living allowances + Annual airtickets + medical & insurance.
Job Description Job Description / Responsibilities:
  1. the Laboratory Manager/Supervisors in performing routine laboratory drilling fluids checks, including chemical, physical or electrical analysis running tests or troubleshooting processes or procedures in support of R&D, QA, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical and Operations.
  2. works independently in the laboratory at times, although mainly under general supervision and works within a team to complete projects.
  3. Assists senior laboratory personnel in compiling, analyzing and interpreting results for internal/external customers.
  4. Communicates results to supervisor in detailed manner
  5. Writes detailed Technical Service Reports of test findings and submit these reports to the Laboratory Supervisor.

Desired Candidate's Profile
Profile He/she should be familiar with any of the following equipments:
  1. High Temperature, High Pressure (HTHP) Viscometer Fann equipments
  2. Malvern Mastersizer and Cilas Particle size analyzers (MASTERSIZER 2000E + HYDROMU)
  3. OFITE and Fann Viscometers
  4. Brookfield LVDV-II or LVDV-III
  5. PPT, Permeability Plugging Test Producers
  6. Lubricity Testers
  7. Stickance Meters
  8. HTHP Filter Press (HTHP)
  9. API Filter Press
  10. Funnel Viscosity
  11. Bulk Hardness Testers
  12. Conductivity Meters
  13. Centrifuges
  14. Hygrometers
  15. pH meters
  16. Shale Swelling Test
  17. Shearometer
  18. Dynamic HTHP Filter Press
  19. HTHP Viscometer
  20. Capillary Suction Timer

Should have exposure with standard and complete drilling fluids analysis on field samples, both water Base and Oil Base mud with different mud systems, Tender formulations in order to measure mud properties in different conditions of temperature and pressure such as Viscosity, Mud Weight, pH, Yield Point, Electrical Stability, Fluid Loss, Filter Cake. Chemical properties by testing and measuring the amount of Chloride, Ca++, Mg++, Total Hardness, Pf, Mf, Pm (alkalinity) and Lime content, MBT test and etc. and then report all data.


  1. Independent handling of lab activities
  2. QA/QC of drilling fluid chemicals (barite, Lime, XCD Polymer, Starch, PAC LV/R, CMC LV/R, Soltex, Glycol, PHPA Etc.)
  3. Able to mix mud systems (SOBM and WBM)
  4. Able to mix and prepare solutions in different concentrations
  5. Chemical and physical testing of Mud Systems (SOBM and WBM)
  6. Well clean up additives testing
  7. Corrosion coupons testing
  8. Sag testing
  9. Cuttings testing:
    1. Hot Roll Dispersion Test
    2. Cuttings Cleaning
    3. Accretion Test
    4. Cuttings Hardness Test
    5. Cuttings Activity by hygrometer
    6. Linear Swell meter (4 Unit) Complete With Compactor and PC Control
    7. Retort Kit 50 Ml.
    8. Conversant with ISO documentation with regard to:
      1. Maintaining calibration records of instruments
      2. Preparation of test reports, procedures and specifications

Experience 5 - 10 years
Education Basic - Bachelor of Technology/Engineering ( Chemical )
Nationality Any Nationality
Contact Details
Name/Designation Basem M. Abd Elgalil – Operations General Manager +218 91 218 5538 basem.abdelgalil@decsgroup.com